November 21, 2017

Things Veteran Teachers Want to Tell First Year Teachers

Things Veteran Teachers Want to Tell First Year Teachers

9. I probably won’t learn your name unless you come back after Christmas break…

8. I remember when I decorated my door and/or bulletin board every month, too. I used to do it while I waited on my computer to boot up.

7. The closest thing I had to the “App Store” when I started teaching was “The Dollar General” store.

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  1. MB

    1. No big deal. We don’t get the hang of everyone’s first and last names until about the end of the year anyway. “Who IS Bill anyway?”

    2. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

    3. The Dollar Store is the most important store in existence (that may be slightly biased, but we’re gonna let that hyperbole slide).

    8. So glad there is someone around to answer those WTH questions. Thank you, veterans! I can honestly say, veteran teachers are the only reason I’ve survived this year. They’re so calm and wise…. like Yoda!


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