December 14, 2017

Did I Do That….?

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  1. Krissi

    All I have to say is obviously the author of that article did not focus on the whole of your message. He took one tweet focused in on one phrase and wrote a condemning article. Ironically doing exactly what he accused teachers of doing to kids creativity. I love your tweets and your messages they remind everyday who I’m really serving. The kids!!

  2. LeahKStewart

    Hi there, I wrote the article. Just wanted to pop up and say: a trail of thought was inspired by a tweet. Blunt Educators writing is awesome! His tweets are witty, timely and uplifting. Yes, I took this tweet out of context as I questioned my own reaction to it and that is why I didn’t say who wrote the tweet in the article itself, but directly messaged Blunt Educator about the article instead. The irony you mention, that nearly stopped me publishing it… though, for a few people, my article was what they needed to hear. Just as, for others, Blunt Educator’s posts are what they need to hear. Same message, different packaging. Keep serving the kids.


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