November 21, 2017

Eight Things That Should Be A Part Of Every Teacher’s Day

Eight Things That Should Be A Part Of Every Teacher’s Day

I know you needed another list to keep up with, so here you go. If every teacher did these every day, what a world we would live in…

8. Having a few dedicated moments to clarify goals for the day and making last minute improvements.

Taking a few moments each day to gather focus is important. It’s much easier to accomplish goals with your students if you have a firm understanding of your own goals as their teacher.

7. Feeling thankful for the opportunity (yes, the opportunity) to impact the lives of students.

How many careers afford the opportunity to have a long-term lasting impact on another human’s life?

6. Looking for a less-fortunate student who could benefit from a kind word or actions.

Some students think they are invisible at school and not worthy of anyone’s attention. Show these students they are important by making a point to speak to them and work to connect with them consistently on a personal level.

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